Rashmi Mehta Gembel

Rashmi Mehta A Key Entrepreneur of Diamond Market

Being a leading capitalist, rashmi mehta is a well respected and cherished name, gave her stupendous and great contribution in diamond sphere of India and also pay involvement in healthcare sector. You have heard about Lilavati hospital, rashmi mehta play a role of trustee and extend healthcare facilities to rural area. Famed as rashmi mehta entrepreneur, her attachment to diamond market makes people able to take benefit quality gems. Rashmi mehta belgium is an example of his efforts.
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Rashmi Mehta Gembel Merchant Revolutionaries The Diamond Industry

In the field of diamonds that is a hit among the normal people and also the rich and fashion trend setters who are taking the world by its storm is none other than rashmi mehta gembel merchant that has been the fore runner in the field with outstanding and mesmerizing gems. They have induced new technologies that have totally changed the way we have seen diamonds over the century.  There is the innovation by the group for a variety of new sharp diamonds that are of different colors with be one of the star attraction of what the leading diamond industries have to offer.
It does not come as a surprise to know about the rashmi mehta gembel diamonds making it all happen and bringing out new and wonderful items of jewelry that are well studded with shinning stones that will sparkle every one that wears and owns it. As mentioned by Mr. rashmi mehta of the group saying “We are not diamond god only need to serve the society with worthy” making the perfect statement that stands for the quality work that it has to offer and has been doing it for the past 45 years in the business.

Chetan Mehta Diamonds Afford Actual & Prominence to People

Being favored amongst the jewels lovers, chetan mehta diamonds are somewhat accepted and trendy due to its standard quality. Diamonds are actually most demanding things amid the people usually on any special occasion. But gems from Chetan Mehta are optimally best and suit to your needs and demands.

When it comes to popularity of gems, chetan mehta belgium is a big example because it is a name earned after paying lots of efforts in diamonds market of Belgium. They are offering the gems of excellence worth and delight the people of nation with introducing the latest and charming gems.

Chetan mehta gembel is where one can find most up-to-date and fascinating gems jewels with full surety and delighted by kindhearted services.

Chetan Prabodh Mehta the modern medicine man and a Humanitarian

Medicine being one of the most expensive and ever needed to the sick, it becomes a curse if you are poor. Chetan Mehta is a name that will be forever remembered to the 1000 lives that it is able to save in a year through Lelavati Hospital. Moreover it also provides the best doctors and medicines at a rate which is applicable for the poorest of the poor. As a humanitarian chetan prabodh mehtais on the move with his dream to serve humanity than to seek the financial benefits from it. This made him a class apart from others and the person he is today.

Rashmi Mehta Gembel Brings In Diamonds With A Fresh Appeal

Gembel group owned by Rashmi Mehta is eminent in diamond sphere of the world and bring forth just quality, which someone desires for. Owed to its dedication and keen to introduce quality diamond products, Rashmi mehta gembel has always been a hub of appeal continuing their charm to visitors who eagerly find chance to purchase gems of Rashmi Mehta who is fully dedicated person as he is a key trustee of lilavati hospital Mumbai and known for his work to encourage the health in rural areas. Possess a research center and Antwerp, Rashmi mehta gembel group is keen in manufacturing quality gems by researching for hours. Their dedication to work is major reason that societies enjoy tremendous and wide category of diamond jewelry with assurance of just superiority.

Rashmi Mehta Gembel Pioneered Modish & Prime Diamond

Diamond work in India may be done by various experts, but rashmi mehta gembel is really a distinct name amongst diamond industries, achieved worldwide recognition for their spectacular diamond work. With 45 years of experience, rashmi mehta gembel proved their outstanding existence in diamond market and introduce abrasive diamond stone in appealing colors of pendents or jeweleries with different artwork. Being as diamond pioneer,

Rashmi Mehta always use to think about his internal skills and appreciated as kind of personality, has given major contribution to the diamond world and introduce latest version of diamond to society with their excellency. As bring big revolutions in diamond sphere, reshmi mehta gembel had initiated their journey as small business and now with creativeness, trustworthiness and dedication form them as a leading gems supplier. With launching own research center and bringing off variety of gems, gembel group is proved that nothing is impossible in this world and if someone have will power they can make everything possible.

Rashmi Mehta Lilavati Hospital got one more Precious Health Care Award 2013

The Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre located in Mumbai, has recently received the prestigious India Healthcare Awards 2012, for serving the nation as the “Best Multy Specialty Hospital of The Year” and the “No.1 Metro City Hospital”, in times all along the concerned year. This distinguishing award was granted collectively by the eminent CNBC TV18 and the ICICI Lombard. This magnificent award will certainly serve as a sumptuous jewel to the splendid crown of this rashmi mehta lilavati hospital, Here, it may be noted that these India Healthcare Awards are provided to honor superb and outstanding services to the healthcare sector of India by all accredited and reputed healthcare centers and hospitals of India, located in all across the whole country. This highly respected award shall also enhance the confidence, benevolence, and generosity of this immensely prominent and popular hospital of Mumbai, India.

This fast progressive and glamorous lilavati hospital rashmi mehta & Research Centre is a visionary and noble creation of prestigious Lilavati Kirtilal Mehta Medical Trust, which was founded in 1978. This philanthropic and non-profit Trust has been serving the people of the country with diverse charitable activities, since its very inception. This lilavati hospital & Research Centre is now well-equipped with all modern and lavish resources and facilities for providing the best possible and impeccable medical and health care services to its myriads of Indian and foreign patients every year, in the fields of medical treatments, healthcare, and surgeries.

This Noteworthy award ceremony was held in New Delhi in The Oberoi on March 9, 2013. Presided over by Shri Montek Singh Ahluwalia, the Deputy Chairman – Planning Commission, Government of India, this grand ceremony was well-adorned by the presence of many well-known and leading personalities related with the fields of medicines, medical services, and healthcare services. This illustrious recognition is given after a rigorous and multi-phase methodology, which considers vital facts like treatment infrastructure, medicare environment and facilities, doctors’ ratings, consumers’ ratings, service charges, past reputation, and so on.